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I picked up someone else’s X-T4 recently and it was like handling a completely different camera. I was so familiar with my own customisations, that habit and muscle memory tripped me up.

This got me thinking about the potential and the pitfalls of familiarity. Within the context of photography, this applies to everything from the equipment and techniques I use, to the subjects I photograph.

The equipment I use changes both the process of making images and the images I make. I've been testing a number of new lenses and cameras recently and it's been a good reminder that making a change can be a great way of shifting attention between subject matter, composition and process.

There's definitely a balance to be struck. In unfamiliar situations, knowing my equipment inside out has definitely lead to better images. The subject, composition and lighting becomes the focus. However, testing new equipment when I have the time and space to experiment has lead me to create images I otherwise wouldn't.

If you're in the UK, I highly recommend looking into Fujifilm's loan program which offers free 48 hour loans of cameras and lenses.

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