Fujifilm metadata in DaVinci Resolve

Quickly see what lens, exposure and settings were used for each Fujifilm clip within DaVinci Resolve.

Fujifilm davinci resolve metadata


A free script for importing Fujifilm metadata into DaVinci Resolve. If you can’t remember the camera, lens, shutter speed or ISO for any of your clips, you can import the EXIF from the footage into DaVinci Resolve.

Setup #

  1. Download and Install ExifTool
  2. Download the script
  3. Unzip the download and place the .fmt file somewhere safe

Instructions for use #

  1. Open Terminal and type the following: exiftool -f -r -p
  2. Then drag the script file (fujifilm-metadata-field-mapping.fmt) into the terminal window
  3. Then drag the folder containing your footage into the terminal window
  4. Then type: >
  5. Then drag the folder containing your footage into the terminal window again add the following to the end of the path: /metadata.csv
  6. You should have a command that looks like the one below:
exiftool -f -r -p /path/to/fujifilm-metadata-field-mapping.fmt /path/to/footage/ > /path/for/file/output/metadata.csv

Once you hit enter ExifTool will do its thing and generate a CSV file in the same folder as your footage. You can now import this into DaVinci Resolve by going to the media tab and using File > Import Metadata To > Media Pool…’

What metadata is imported into DaVinci Resolve? #

  • Camera Model
  • Camera Manufacturer
  • Camera Serial Number
  • Camera ID
  • Camera Notes (Shadows, Highlights, Sharpness, Noise reduction, DR)
  • Media Type
  • Film Simulation
  • Frames Per Second
  • Shutterspeed
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Lens
  • Aperture
  • Compression Type
  • Codec Bitrate

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