Fujifilm film simulations

Fujifilm film simulations digitally replicate the look of classic color and black-and-white film for incredible straight-out-of-camera images. For more than 85 years Fujifilm have created film stocks beloved by photographers and cinematographers. This expertise and the color science behind it has been channeled into these Fuji Film simulations. Film Simulation Recipes build on these film simulations with inbuilt customization tools like tone curves, white balance and grain.

Fujifilm Film Simulation List

Provia film simulation


Based on Fujifilm's own FUJICHROME PROVIA, the neutral color reproduction of this Film Simulation makes it very versatile. Which is why it is also known as 'Standard'.

Velvia film simulation


The Velvia Film Simulation has rich and high-contrast colors inspired by its namesake FUJICHROME Velvia (a vivid reversal film favoured by by landscape photographers).

Astia film simulation


This Film Simulation mode prioritises soft and faithful reproduction of skin tones while also reproducing vivid blue skies and greenery.

Pro neg high film simulation

PRO Neg. Hi

This Film Simulation mode is mainly used in portrait photography where the lighting is not easily controlled. It provides the right amount of shadows under flat lighting.

Pro neg standard film simulation

PRO Neg. Std

The PRO Neg. Std Film Simulation has a soft tonal gradation and excellent skin tone reproduction. Ideal for portrait photography under carefully controlled lighting.

Monochrome standard film simulation


Black and white film simulation with yellow, red, and green filters. These filters create contrast and separation between opposing colours.

Classic chrome film simulation

Classic Chrome

The low-saturation and hard tonal gradation in shadows of the classic chrome Film Simulation make it a perfect choice for documentary photography with a touch of realism.

Eterna film simulation


Based on a film designed for motion pictures, this Film Simulation minimises saturation and provides an extremely soft tonal gradation to prevent clipping.

Eterna bleach bypass film simulation

Eterna Bleach Bypass

The ‘bleach bypass’ technique originated in Japanese cinema and creates high contrast and low color saturation by partially or completely skipping of the bleaching function during the processing of a color film.

Classic negative film simulation

Classic Negative

Based on SUPERIA, a color negative film created by Fujifilm, this Film Simulation renders high-contrast tonal gradation and adds depth and definition to colors.

Acros film simulation


The ACROS Film Simulation delivers rich shadow details, excellent sharpness, and a unique grain profile to produce the stunning textural feel of monochrome films.

Reala Ace film simulation

Reala Ace

True-to-life color reproduction and a high-contrast tonality suited for lots of subjects and environments.

Nostalgic neg film simulation

Nostalgic Negative

As the name suggests, this film simulation is all about nostalgia, emulating a look that surfaced in the 1960s and '70s—think Eggleston, Sternfeld, Shore. Shadows trend towards blue or green, while highlights skew amber.

Compare Fujifilm Film Simulations

These sample images are all processed in-camera (X-H2s) and have settings set to 0 (color, highlights, shadows, sharpening etc).

Fujifilm Film Simulation Chart

Fujifilm film sims chart