December 2021

❐ Kaizen: 03 – Dec 1, 2021

Fuji 70-300 review is live. I was fortunate to get hold of the new 70-300 for a trip to Nova Scotia, Canada. See sample images and product images from the trip here.

Travel hacks #

If you are travelling light, these little hacks might come in useful.

If you have apple chargers, you can use the plug head to connect to the Fuji battery charger to save needing an additional lead. Also useful if you already have adapters for multiple plug types

Backup without a laptop #

Don't have a laptop? If you carry spare SD cards, you can perform a full backup using the camera. Place the backup memory card into the second slot, go to the playback menu and look for the copy setting. This will allow you to copy all files to the other card.

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Apr 8, 2021

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Jul 1, 2020

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