XF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 R LM OIS WR

The Fuji 70-300 strikes an almost ideal balance of size, weight, reach and quality. If you travel with your equipment the Fuji 70-300 could be the lens you have been waiting for.

Fuji 70 300 review 00011
Sample images

Focal Length


105–450mm (35mm Equivalent)






Aperture Max


Aperture Blades




Filter Size


Minimum Focus Distance


Max Magnification


Weather resistance 00003

Weather Resistance

Sealed against dust and moisture ingress in multiple places. Usually with rubber gaskets. This does not mean weather proof but should help when out in wet, cold or humid conditions.

Linear Motor

Linear autofocus motors are advanced mechanisms that move lens elements smoothly and quickly along a straight path to achieve fast and precise autofocus performance. Linear motors are usually found in more expensive lenses.


Fujifilm incorporates three primary autofocus motor types in their lenses: the ultra-fast and nearly silent Linear Motor (LM), stepping motor (STM) known for its fast and quiet operation, and DC coreless motor with fast but noisier autofocus.

Aperture Ring

This lens has a dedicated aperture ring. Controlling the aperture this way has become synonymous with Fujifilm lenses. Any Fujifilm lens that has R’ in the name will have one.


Optical image stabilisation (OIS) minimizes the effects of horizontal or vertical camera shake using gyroscopic sensors that calculate the movement thousands of times per second. OIS is rated in stops with each stop theoretically allowing a doubling of the shutter duration whilst not incurring any camera shake.

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