Hummingbirds with the Fuji XH2s and 70-300mm

The Fuji XH2s' bird detection proved invaluable when trying to track the fast-moving Amazilia hummingbirds.

XH2 S2862 Fujifilm Fujinon XF70 300mm F4 5 6 R LM OIS WR


Photographing Hummingbirds #

While spending some time in Lima, Peru, I was fortunate to find and observe what Google Lens tells me are Amazilia hummingbirds (correct me if it’s wrong). I noticed the Hummingbirds were feeding on a particular bush and was able to revisit the same location a couple of times to film and photograph them. The process was tricky, as, unsurprisingly, they never stayed still for long.

Bird Detection Autofocus #

The bird detection autofocus of the X-H2s managed to identify and lock-on to these hummingbirds very quickly. The birds were weaving between foreground obstacles at speed and only a few times was the focus detection fooled. Combined with the linear motors of the Fuji 70-300 the camera kept up admirably. The images and videos were captured using firmware v5.10.

Autofocus Settings #

Most of these images were photographed with continuous autofocus in 30fps. The following custom AF-C settings were used (adaption of these suggestions):

  • Subject Detection: On/Bird
  • Tracking Sensitivity: 4
  • Speed Tracking Sensitivity: 1
  • Zone Area Switching: Center
  • Release/Focus Priority (AF-C): Focus
  • AF/MF: OFF
  • Performance: Boost
Amazilia hummingbird photographed with Fuji 56mm f/1.2!

Filming Hummingbirds #

Trying to keep a stable image whilst tracking a fast moving bird at 300mm is no easy feat. The 60fps and 120fps of the Fuji X-H2s was helpful in smoothing out some of the movement. As was the OIS of the 70-300mm. The tripod I had access to didn’t have a gimbal head so mostly got in the way, I therefore resorted to filming handheld.

The footage was all filmed in F-Log2 in a mixture of 24, 60 and 120fps and edited on a 24fps timeline in Davinci Resolve.

Video of the same location with the X-H2s and Fuji 70-300mm

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